Video: Deep Green umbilical & MGS buoy hook-up op

Swedish developer Minesto has released a video showing the recently completed equipment connection operation as part of Deep Green project installation off Wales.

The second offshore phase of the staged installation process for Minesto’s 500kW Deep Green (DG500) utility-scale tidal energy plant has been completed late in May 2018.

During the operation, the umbilical – part of the power transfer fastening (PTF) connecting Minesto’s DG500 marine energy converter with a micro grid system, was hooked up to the micro-grid system (MGS) buoy at the Holyhead Deep site off the coast of North West Wales.

The MGS buoy – designed and constructed by Malin Group in Glasgow – will serve to handle and analyze electricity generated by Minesto’s DG500 marine energy converter.

Minesto’s Deep Green technology generates power when the water current creates a hydrodynamic lift force on the wing which pushes the ‘tidal kite’, tethered trough a single mooring to the sea floor, forward.