VIDEO: Grand Opening of APM Terminal Maasvlakte II

APM Terminal’s newest terminal had a spectacular opening ceremony, held on April 24th, which is shown in the video above.

The Dutch monarch King Willem-Alexander, and 500 senior representatives from the global industry and world governments attended the opening event, which included speeches by Maersk Group CEO Nils S. Andersen and APM Terminals CEO Kim Fejfer.

The APM Terminals Maasvlakte II Rotterdam facility is the first fully-automated container terminal in the world and the first zero emissions container terminal in the industry. It uses renewable energy from European wind farms as power source. In terms of safety, it is the first terminal designed to separate man and machine to achieve higher safety goals.

The terminal’s automated guided vehicles are the first generation to actually lift and stack a container.

The unmanned truck gates are small in number (6) compared to most large terminals, but throughput per gate is very high thanks to appt system.

The terminal utilizes remotely-controlled STS gantry cranes which move containers between vessels.

There is also the landside fleet of 62 battery-powered Lift-Automated Guided Vehicles (Lift-AGVs) which transport containers between the quay and the container yard, including barge and on-dock rail facilities.

To find out more about the terminal and AMP Terminal’s future plans read WMN’s interview with APM CEO.

World Maritime News Staff