VIDEO: ‘Jumbo Javelin’ Installs Transition Pieces at Anholt OWF

VIDEO: 'Jumbo Javelin' Installs Transition Pieces at Anholt OWF

In spring of 2012, Jumbo’s DP2 heavy lift vessel Jumbo Javelin successfully installed the first Transition Pieces (TPs) for the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. By the end of the summer, all TPs have been installed on 111 monopiles.

Jumbo Javelin installed the TP’s with a record-breaking installation rate of 3 TP’s per day. The transport, installation, access to the TP’s and grouting was done without any Lost Time Injuries (LTI=0).

The following is a video of the installation of TPs at Abholt Offshore Wind Farm:


Offshore WIND Staff, February 14, 2013; Image: jumboshipping