VIDEO: Marina di Pisa wave energy project cable installation

40South Energy and Elements Works have completed the subsea cable installation for the Marina di Pisa wave energy project off Italy.

When fully completed, Marina di Pisa project will comprise two 40South Energy’s 50 kW H24 devices that can work both as wave and tidal units, but for this specific project the units will behave as wave energy devices.

According to 40South Energy’s social media, the excavation activaties for the export cable at the Marina di Pisa H24 site commenced early in September.

Marina di Pisa wave energy site has been grid connected on September 10, following the completion of directional drilling activities.

The cable, together with the connection gear waiting for the H24 machine, enters the ground at the project location site and exits in Piazza Sardegna square in Marina di Pisa, Italy.

The devices could be installed in spring 2016, if the project receives consent approval for the deployment.

H24 machine consists of a guiding part located on the sea floor, or on a support structure, and of a moving part above it, which moves according to waves or tides.

The machine is designed for islands or isolated communities with an average electricity consumption of 50 kW or more.

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