Vietnam Coastal Port Project Begins

Vietnam Coastal Port Project Begins

On the morning of April 21, the commencement ceremony for Vietnam Coastal Port Project was grandly held.

The client of Vietnam Coastal Port Project is EVN; CCCC is the EPC general contractor of this project. The main content of this project include a 3.9km breakwater, basin and channel dredging of 3,295,800m3, a 30000-tonnage coal wharf (216m long and 21.7m wide), a 1000-tonnage oil wharf, a 900m approach bridge and two coal unloaders, two belt conveyor systems and two tugboats. The contract amount of this project is about USD 206 million; it is expected that the whole project will be completed and put into operation in 32 months.

Over 300 people, including Chen Yusheng – vice-president of CCCC, Wei Xichen – commercial counselor of Chinese Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Wang Jiayin – Secretary of CHEC, Wu Aiqing – president of CCCC Second Harbor Consultant Co., Ltd., Liu Xianpeng – deputy director of CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Company, Huang Yi – deputy secretary of Standing Committee of Tra Vinh Provincial Committee and president of Provincial People’s Congress, Yang Guochun – deputy director of Southwest Vietnam Guidance Office and Yang Guancheng – Vice-president of EVN, attended the commencement ceremony. Such media as Vietnam TV, Tra Vinh TV and newspaper office made an on-site interview about the commencement ceremony.

When delivering a speech at the ceremony, the representative of Vietnam said that Coastal Port Project, as an important infrastructure project of coastal power center, would provide 12 million tons of coal and 0.1 million tons of oil for the four thermal power plants of the Coastal Power Authority every year after it was built and that the construction of Coastal Power Center would effectively relieve the power supply pressure in South Vietnam, provide a solid development foundation and development potential for Tra Vinh and have a profound significance to the social and economic development. They expressed their thanks to the contractor and for the assistance and financing credit of Chinese government and said that they would cooperate with the contractor well to exercise relevant preferential policies and support the smooth construction of the project.

When delivering a speech, Vice-president Chen Yusheng pointed out that Vietnam Coastal Port Project was the first EPC + financing project undertaken with CCCC brand in Southeast Asia Region and that CCCC would scientifically organized and carefully constructed project, try its best to “complete a project, set up a monument and create a brand”, and present a high-quality and excellent project to Vietnamese People. Taking this as an opportunity, CCCC will increase the cooperation with the government of Vietnam and central enterprises of Vietnam in investment project and EPC projects and open a new chapter of Sino- Vietnam deep cooperation in communication infrastructure field.

Commercial counselor Wei Xichen used a series of data showed that the trade between China and Vietnam was increasingly frequent and prosperous. He praised that Chinese-funded enterprises actively implemented China’s “going out” policy in the past ten years. Especially, several projects undertaken by CHEC under CCCC were all completed in high quality, which was praised by the clients. He hoped that the investment development of Chinese-funded enterprises in Vietnam would make great contributions to the economic and trade cooperation between China and Vietnam and to the friendship between the two countries.

At about 10 o’clock in the morning, witnessed by the guests of China and Vietnam, VIPs of China and Vietnam went to the commencement order distribution platform and distributed the commencement order with colorful balloons flying and fireworks blooming. In order to present a gift to the commencement ceremony, the project department, with the careful organization and preparation in earlier days, successfully drove steel anchor pile and PHC pile with a diameter of 1000mm to the earth on the day of the commencement ceremony. The hammers rang on the sea, making the silent sea full of vitality immediately. This showed the work style of CCCC project construction team of planning in advance, no delay and not relying on others, taking the initiative and well organizing.

After the commencement ceremony, Vice-president Chen Yusheng and other leaders went to the project department to visit the participation employees. After listening to the preparation report on the coastal port project, Mr. Chen Yusheng pointed out that overseas market was an important pillar for CCCC to optimize the development pattern of “large CCCC and large overseas project” and all the participation units should cooperate with each other and give full play to their own advantages, and under the coordination and organization of CHEC, complete the project well and guarantee the economic benefit and social benefit of the project. Vietnam Coastal Port Project is of great importance and significance to explore the Southeast Asian market, so all the participation units should try to perform well in this project so as to build an international brand and set up a good international social image for CCCC, CHEC and Chinese enterprises. Wang Jiayin – Secretary of CHEC pointed out that the success of commencement ceremony was a good start and that in the future, everyone should overcome the difficulties in overseas construction, complete the project well, expand larger market, actively fulfill the social responsibilities and set up a CCCC brand.


Press Release, June 6, 2013

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