Volkswagen opts for green ship recycling

Germany’s transport and logistics company Volkswagen Group Logistics, part of Volkswagen AG (VW), has become the 31st signatory of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI), an information disclosure platform hosted by the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI).

Volkswagen AG
Models of the new LNG ships for the Volkswagen Group’s ocean-going fleet. Image Courtesy: Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen Group Logistics joins peers across the shipping value chain including insurance providers, investors, shipowners and others in calling for transparent, responsible ship recycling practices.

The SRTI enables cargo owners, financial stakeholders and others to use data provided by shipowners to inform their decision-making, creating demand for responsible ship recycling and rewarding good practice through a voluntary market-driven approach.

“An important component of our responsible actions is the careful use of resources. That is why it is important to us as Volkswagen Group Logistics to support and promote issues such as sustainability in shipbuilding, ship recycling and maritime transport as a whole,” Simon Motter, Head of VW Group Logistics, commented.

“Addressing challenges in ship recycling is a shared responsibility, and we are glad to have Volkswagen Group Logistics join the SRTI community and lead by example, showing how cargo owners can be aware of and take responsibility for their full supply chain, going above and beyond what is required,” Andrew Stephens, SRTI’s Executive Director, said.

“We look forward to working with VW Group Logistics to raise the profile of this issue and bring awareness to others who may want to consider how the vessels that carry their cargo are being recycled.”

VW transports most of its new vehicles overseas using low-emission LNG ships. After the first two LNG car carriers entered service in 2020, Volkswagen Group Logistics ordered in August 2021 four more ships with multi-fuel engines that can be powered with LNG/LBG/diesel/synthetic diesel.

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In 2020, Volkswagen Group Logistics made another major step for sustainable shipping in the car carrier segment when it selected marine biofuels supplier GoodFuels to supply biofuel oil for the group’s shipments.

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