Vopak Enhances Benzene & Pygas Storage Capacity in Rotterdam

Vopak Terminal Botlek has completed the upgrading of its benzene and pygas storage capacity in the Port of Rotterdam.

Vopak Enhances Storage Capacity in Port of Rotterdam
Vopak Botlek Terminal

Total (seabound) throughput of BTX and pygas in the extensive Rotterdam cluster adds up to almost 3 million tonnes. This includes handling at terminals, production plants and ship-to-ship transshipment.

With the upgrade, Vopak Terminal Botlek offers 56,000 cbm of dedicated storage capacity for benzene and pygas in fourteen tanks of 4,000 cbm each. This includes three switch tanks, which can be used for both pygas and benzene. Another three tanks are dedicated to pygas, the remaining eight tanks are dedicated to benzene.

The tanks are equipped with heating coils and are interconnected for tank-to-tank transfers. This also includes the flexibility of storing different grades of pygas and benzene.

The new facility is fully automated and controlled centrally in order to ensure safe and reliable logistics. Two dedicated jetties for both barges and vessels, dedicated pipelines for both products and improved pump capacity ensure fast and flexible service.

The complete tankpit is connected to a Vapour Treatment System. This provides a fully closed system in which there is no emission of benzene to the environment.

With 56,000 cbm of dedicated benzene & pygas storage capacity and another 44,000 cbm of dedicated heated storage capacity for other aromatic products, Vopak Terminal Botlek serves a substantial part of the total aromatics trade in ARA.

The upgrade allows for a simultaneous loading and/or discharging of benzene and/or pygas to different tanks.

Port of Rotterdam, May 25, 2014

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