WA Farm Dredging Project VIDEO

Apex Envirocare, a wholly owned Australian company specializing in solutions to a variety of environmental water related problems, has just released an amazing video about their recently completed WA Farm Dredging Project.

During the work, 1500 dry tonnage of sediment was removed increasing – by a significant margin – the capacity of a much-needed wastewater pond.

The dredged sediment was pumped into GeoPro tubes with up to 1.000m³ capacity. With the help of a polymer, fines are removed, the sediment filtrate is released from the tubes and returned to the ponds.

This economical low energy sludge drying system can be used to dewater a variety of municipal contaminated and industrial sediments.

Their purpose is to contain the pumped solids while quickly releasing filtrate water. They are usually situated in a prescribed laydown area which directs the filtrate back to the water body or convenient sump.