Royal Wagenborg

Wagenborg’ latest EasyMax vessel splashed at Royal Niestern Sander

Royal Wagenborg’s EasyMax 3 vessel has hit the waters at the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard Farmsum, Netherlands.

Image credit Royal Wagenborg

With a cargo capacity of more than 14.000 tonnes and a hold capacity of 625.000 cbft, the Easymax vessel type is the latest series in the company’s fleet.

With an installed power of less than 3.000 kW, this ship has extremely low fuel consumption and due to her design, an excellent sea-keeping performance, the shipowner said.

“Our focus on Energy Efficiency resulted in over 60% savings in CO2- emissions compared to her peer group. We are proud the EasyMax is by far the greenest multipurpose vessel in her class, resulting in an undisputed Carbin Intensity Index (CII) A-rating,” the company added.

This new building is the successor of the award-winning Egbert Wagenborg and her sister Máxima.

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In the upcoming weeks, the EasyMax 3 will be commissioned followed by sea trials by the end of this year. The vessel is expected to be delivered to Wagenborg by the end of 2023.

Royal Wagenborg has set an ambitious goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 when compared to its 2008 emission levels. As part of those efforts, the company wants to operate a carbon-neutral ship by 2030 and achieve a minimal CII C-level rating for all existing vessels and an A rating for all new vessels in its fleet.

Wagenborg’s fleet, ranging in size from 1,700 to 23,000 tonnes, consists of ~170 box-shaped, ice-strengthened multipurpose vessels under the Dutch flag.