WAMSI to Present Dredging Science Node Synthesis Report

The Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) is to release a synthesis of research report on one of the largest single-issue environmental science programs in Australia that gained unprecedented access to industry dredging data.

The Dredging Science Node has been recognized by industry and government as a ground breaking step forward for environmental regulation.

This world-class marine research is enhancing capacity within government and the private sector to predict and manage the environmental impacts of dredging in Western Australia, WAMSI reported.

They also added that the outcomes will increase the confidence, timeliness and efficiency of the assessment, approval and regulatory processes associated with dredging projects.

According to WAMSI, the report will be launched on Wednesday, 10 July, ahead of the Perspectives in Dredging symposium at the AMSA Conference.

The AMSA symposium is open to scientists, regulators, resource brings together managers, industry and consultants with practical experience of dredging practices in the marine environment.


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