Photo: Illustration (Courtesy of Wärtsilä)

Wärtsilä presents Zero Emission Marine R&D project

The technology group Wärtsilä has launched a ‘Zero Emission Marine’ research, development and innovation project, supported by a €20 million grant from the public organisation Business Finland.

According to Wärtsilä, the company secured funding in the challenge competition for leading companies launched by Business Finland this summer.

The four-year ‘Zero Emission Marine’ project, led by Wärtsilä, will see nearly 200 operators collaborating to enable a zero-emission marine ecosystem, that develops sustainable technology solutions that can be expanded into the energy sector as well.

As described, the project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the marine sector by 60% by 2030 and make all products from the ecosystem carbon-neutral or carbon-negative by 2050. Wärtsilä hopes to lead the ecosystem towards economically sound carbon-neutral fuels and accelerate the uptake of the technologies that enable the use of green fuels.

The engine technology and energy storage systems will be developed for sustainable carbon-neutral fuels such as ammonia, hydrogen and its derivatives. The project roadmap also includes carbon capture and storage and the use of biofuels, the leading company explains.

The new technology is expected to reduce the fuel consumption in vessels, which improves the financial profitability of the use of new fuels. The ecosystem will also evaluate commercial delivery models and other technology options in order to create profitable business models for the ecosystem.

As disclosed, the network of almost 200 operators includes both large financially solvent companies and innovative SMEs working in clean future fuels, fuel technologies and automated and optimised operations. The ecosystem is further reinforced by industrial organisations, research institutes and universities.

“No one can achieve these ambitious targets on their own, but this … maritime co-operation body can turn vision into reality. Wärtsilä’s “Set for 30” climate targets demonstrate our commitment to developing a sustainable society. We invest … in research and development, and in long-term product development we focus on fuel flexibility, energy efficiency and emission reductions”, says Hannu Mäntymaa, managing director of Wärtsilä Finland.

“Our soon to be ready new technology centre in Vaasa, Smart Technology Hub, is strongly based on innovation partnerships, so acting as a leading company is an important step towards our goal. We can accelerate and increase important research, development and innovation efforts in Finland together with the entire ecosystem on our journey towards Zero Emission Marine”.

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