Aras Driller jack-up rig; Source: Ocean Oilfield

WATCH: UAE driller’s 44-year old jack-up rig kicks off its new assignment

Abu Dhabi-headquartered Ocean Oilfield Drilling has revealed that one of its jack-up rigs arrived at an offshore gas field in the UAE a few days ago and started its work for Atlantis (UAQ) Limited.

Aras Driller jack-up rig; Source: Ocean Oilfield

After the Aras Driller jack-up rig completed its Kuzey Marmara underground gas storage drilling campaign with Kolin Kaylon JV four months ago and departed from Turkiye to the Middle East, Ocean Oilfield announced three months ago that the rig got a new contract in Umm Al Quwain, in the UAE, with Atlantis (UAQ) Limited. The start of operations was targeted for July 2023.

Ocean Oilfield confirmed on 1 August 2023 that its Aras Driller rig safely mobilised to the UAQ gas field offshore Umm Al Quwain in the UAE and began its operations with Atlantis on 27 July 2023. This contract is expected to keep the rig occupied for three to four months. 

“We wish Aras and its crew a successful and safe operation with Atlantis. Ocean Oilfield remains committed to delivering safe and efficient world-class service to its clients worldwide and we wish client Atlantis successful delivery of its project,” highlighted Ocean Oilfield.

The 1979-built Aras Driller jack-up rig is of 82-SD-C design and can accommodate 100 people. It was constructed by Marathon Letourneau, Vicksburg Mississippi. With a maximum drilling depth of 20,000 ft, it is capable of operating in water depths of 280 ft.

Aras Driller jack-up rig; Source: Ocean Oilfield

Aras Driller jack-up rig mobilisation to UAQ gas field

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