Water Entry Causes Battery Short-Circuit at Missing Argentine Sub

Argentine Navy has informed that the water entered the ARA San Juan submarine causing the battery to short-circuit before it went missing twelve days ago.

The hope for the survival of 44 crew members has faded due to the reports about the explosion detected near the last known position of the ARA San Juan and the shortage of oxygen that was initially made to last from seven to ten days.

According to the latest updates, the explosion that was detected by the United States after analyzing the information about hydroacoustic events could have been the implosion of the submarine, the Navy said.

Before it went missing the submarine was en route to its Mar del Plata base after it reported that water had entered the sub through its snorkel.

From the time the submarine went missing until now more than a dozen countries joined the search efforts, including USA, Russia, UK, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Peru, South Africa, Uruguay. The countries have sent either vessels or planes to aid the search.