WestSide Says Second Meridian SeamGas Well Becomes Top Producer (Australia)

WestSide Says Second Meridian SeamGas Well Becomes Top Producer

As Operator of the Meridian SeamGas CSG gas fields, WestSide Corporation Ltd announced that a second new dual-lateral production well has joined the ranks of the top producers with the gas flow rate from Pretty Plains 10 exceeding 800,000 scf/d.

The performance of Pretty Plains 10 builds on the recent successful commissioning of Pretty Plains 2 announced in September 2011.

WestSide’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Julie Beeby said the new well-sets were located at Pretty Plains within the Co-development area on the Dawson Coal Mine’s Mining Lease near Moura in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

Pretty Plains 10 is now producing at a rate of more than 800,000 standard cubic feet a day and rising from just two of the multiple seams available for future production,” Dr Beeby said.

This follows our earlier success with Pretty Plains 2. Both wells remain controlled via water and gas pressure, so they are expected to flow at higher production rates over the next few months as they are gradually allowed to flow freely.

We have been greatly encouraged by the performance of these wells which show that our careful commissioning approach is starting to pay off.”

Not all the well-sets have started delivering significant gas volumes yet due to a planned dewatering phase and the prevalence of coal fines on start-up.

However, Dr Beeby said the time being taken to bring new these wells into production was comparable to the previous operator’s experience.


LNG World News Staff , November 23, 2011