White Smoke Shipping and Partners Develop WS3 Project

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White Smoke Shipping and Partners Develop WS3 Project

Together with partners White Smoke Shipping has developed the WS3 project. The vessel is designed for the growing LNG bunkering market of the North European ECA with special focus on the Baltic sea.

The WS3 project is developed together with Delta Marine and Omega Marine of Turkey as well as Frederiet AB and Crew Chart Ship Management of Sweden.


The WS3 vessels is designed as a twin screw, double hull LNG bunkering vessel, powered by dual-fuel engines for worldwide trade, however with special emphasis on the emerging north European LNG bunker market. Two (2) insulated independent Type C LNG cargo tanks are provided with a total capacity of 2,800 CBM. Each tank has one (1) frequency controlled cryogenic deep well pump securing ecient cargo handling with high capacity. The cargo system is designed with multi client, multi customer capabilities and continuous measuring of quality and quantity during loading and discharge/delivery to customers. The vessel can also deliver MGO/Diesel to customers. Operational exibility, environmental concern and awareness and with possibilities to adapt to future regulations are the basic objectives of the design, which has been developed based on an in-depth and thorough understanding of the bunker market and the development of the market for LNG as marine fuel.

White Smoke Shipping, January 11, 2013

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