Work starts on AG Ems LNG ferry conversion

Dutch shipyard Royal Niestern Sander has started building a new aft for passenger ferry that will be converted to run on LNG for German ferry operator AG Ems.

Courtesy of Royal Niestern Sander
Kell laying from AG Ems LNG ferry
Image courtesy of Royal Niestern Sander

The two companies signed a deal to convert the 1986-built Münsterland passenger ferry in July last year.

Besides building a brand new aft, the works include adding dual-fuel engines, LNG storage tanks, installations, pipelines, and other systems.

The project is backed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

This is not the first LNG-powered ferry for AG Ems as the German company has been operating two such vessels since 2015, namely Ostfriesland and Helgoland.

Ostfriesland, a sister-ship of Münsterland, is the first ferry in Europe converted to run on LNG while Helgoland is Germany’s first newbuild LNG-powered ferry.

AG Ems will put the Münsterland back into service between the Dutch Eemshaven to the German Wadden Sea island Borkum in the start of summer-schedule at Easter 2021.