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World’s 1st zero-carbon terminal gets Carbon Neutrality Certificate

The Second Container Terminal of Tianjin Port, also known as the world’s first zero-carbon terminal, has received the “Carbon Neutrality Certificate” issued by the China Classification Society, becoming the first carbon-neutral port enterprise certified by an authoritative organization in the national port industry.

China Cosco Shipping Corporation Limited
Tianjin Port
Courtesy of Tianjin Port Development

China Classification Society, a greenhouse gas verification agency authorised by the United Nations Environment Program and the National Development and Reform Commission, carried out on-site inspections on the container terminal and issued the certificate on 17 January.

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At the ceremony, the “White Paper on Port Carbon Neutrality Practice” was issued through an online form. It is a combination of green port construction practices by Tianjin Port, through the analysis and elaboration of the carbon neutrality practice path in the port field, aiming to share the exploration experience of promoting the construction of low-carbon ports and zero-carbon ports with the industry.

The paper pointed out that the source of carbon emissions in the port industry mainly comes from the fuel and electricity consumed by loading and unloading production, auxiliary production and auxiliary production.

It states that the realization path of port carbon neutrality is mainly through renewable energy substitution, energy efficiency improvement and electrification level, carbon offset, and similar.

As disclosed, 100% of the electricity at the port comes entirely from wind power and photovoltaics and is 100% used and 100% self-sufficient.

Looking ahead, Tianjin Port intends to position itself as a world-class green port, accelerate the construction of a “zero-carbon port”, facilitate sustainable transportation and sustainable development, and better serve the strategy of a strong transportation country and a strong maritime country.

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