Worley nets renewal deal for Saudi Aramco's offshore portfolio optimisation

Worley gets contract renewal on Saudi Aramco’s offshore assets

Saudi oil and gas giant Saudi Aramco has decided to extend its contract with the Australian engineering company Worley for the provision of services across its offshore assets.

Illustration; Source: Worley

Worley reported on Monday that Saudi Aramco had awarded in-Kingdom and out-of-Kingdom contracts to extend Worley’s services for Saudi Aramco’s offshore Maintain Potential Programme.

Chris Ashton, Chief Executive Officer of Worley, commented: “As a global professional services company headquartered in Australia, with an extensive track record of sustaining and optimizing offshore facilities globally, we are pleased that Saudi Aramco has continued to engage Worley and build on our longstanding relationship to provide services to its offshore assets.”

The contracts outline that Worley will continue to provide project management, engineering, design, fabrication, and installation supervision for Saudi Aramco’s portfolio of offshore projects.

The company confirmed the duration of the contract extension was three years, while the services would be executed by its Al-Khobar and Houston offices. The firm has held these contracts for the past 19 years.

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A few months ago, the company was also awarded a contract extension by Woodside to support the Karratha Gas and Pluto LNG plants in Western Australia.