WorleyParsons slashes jobs in Stavanger

WorleyParsons, a large Australian oilfield services provider, has wielded its axe, and announced a wave of layoffs in Norway this week.

Namely, the company’s Norwegian subsidiary Rosenberg WorleyParsons, providing engineering, fabrication and construction services to the offshore oil and gas industry, has shown doors to 61 workers, citing tough market conditions.

In an e-mail sent to Offshore Energy Today, a spokesperson at Rosenberg WorleyParsons said:

“Rosenberg WorleyParsons has taken necessary actions to adjust to current market conditions. We regret that these actions include 57 temporary layoffs and 4 terminations. Even as we take these difficult but necessary steps, we will be focused on our obligations to our employees, effective execution of projects and responding to customer needs. We will now continue to work to win more contracts and evaluate new market areas.”

“Rosenberg WorleyParsons is an important part of Stavanger’s employment base, providing 600 operational and engineering jobs. While we understand the pressures of the market due to the fall in oil prices, we are convinced that the Rosenberg WorleyParsons facility in Stavanger will continue to be a significant part of the Stavanger industry in the future.”

Offshore Energy Today Staff