Photo: BP

XOCEAN completes surveys at 3 GW UK offshore wind sites

XOCEAN has completed surveys of the export cable routes at the Morgan and Mona offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea.

The campaign collected more than 7,000 kilometers of high-quality data across the inter-array areas and export cable routes in water depths ranging from 0 to 35 meters.  

The activities were carried out using uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) to identify possible options for export cable corridors.

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BP and EnBW won lease rights for the Morgan and Mona offshore wind sites in the UK Round 4 leasing at the beginning of 2021.

Previously known as Yellow North and Yellow South, the projects offer a combined potential generating capacity of 3 GW, the maximum award possible under the rules of the leasing round, and a 60-year lease life.

Fugro is in charge of carrying out a geotechnical site investigation campaign for the two projects.

A geophysical and environmental survey were conducted at the two sites at the beginning of this month.

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