Yara Brasil Opts for TSP’s Bulk Handling Solution

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) will supply the Brazilian fertilizer manufacturer Yara Brasil Fertilizantes S.A. (Yara) with a system solution for unloading raw materials for fertilizer manufacture.

Yara Brasil Opts for TSP's Bulk Handling Solution

Two Terex® Gottwald Model 6 portal harbour cranes in the G HSK 6448 B four-rope-grab variant and two Terex® HSH 1200 DS hoppers will start work in April and May 2015 on an existing factory pier in Rio Grande (southern Brazil). They will operate in pairs consisting of one of each device for simultaneous handling on two bulk ships up to the Panama class.

“With the help of such a system solution, the cargo-handling capacities can be more than doubled and use of the ship’s own handling equipment avoided,” explains Giuseppe Di Lisa, Vice President Sales & Service at Terex Port Solutions.

From the point of view of Di Lisa, the solution also represents a milestone that speaks for TPS as a supplier of integrated systems in the bulk handling sector: “Terminal operators now not only have confidence in TPS integrated solutions for container handling, they are also impressed by our system competence in the bulk material sector. This applies all the more if special conditions prevail on the site, as is the case in Rio Grande.”

He goes on to say that, in particular, anti-corrosion protection measures, among other things, are provided for the new cargo-handling equipment: “This is to protect against the maritime climate and the aggressive properties of the raw materials to be unloaded, which include nitrogenous, potassium-based and phosphorous substances. TPS also uses components made from stainless steel and only paints the steel and connecting components with paints that have been proven in offshore applications.”

Terex® Gottwald G HSK 6448 B portal harbour cranes

The two Terex Gottwald G HSK 6448 B portal harbour cranes for Yara, derived from the mobile harbour crane, with four-rope-grabs are equipped with portals for a track gauge of 10 m and a clearance height of 7 m. The permissible rail loading of 22 t/m requires a total of 48 wheels (12 wheels per crane corner), which also represents an innovation for TPS after previous designs had a maximum of 32 wheels. The cranes, which feature a maximum lifting capacity of 100 t, a radius of up to 51 m and a powerful 50-t grab curve, obtain their drive energy from the external power supply system on the pier.

Terex® HSH 1200 DS hopper

The two Terex HSH 1200 DS hoppers have a capacity of 1,200 t/h and run on the same pair of rails as the two portal harbour cranes, with which they are each connected via coupling rods. Thus, the hoppers do not require drive units of their own. The units, which are equipped with four pairs of wheels and a total of 16 individual wheels, have an effective dust protection system, which virtually eliminates any spilling. This also prevents raw fertilizer material being deposited on the cargo handling systems and initiating or accelerating the corrosion processes.

Press Release, June 24, 2014

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