Yinson invests in Norwegian startup specializing in autonomous solutions

Yinson Green Technologies, through its subsidiary Yinson Venture Capital Pte., has made a strategic investment in Zeabuz AS, a Norwegian startup specializing in autonomous solutions for the maritime industry.

Illustration, Image credit Zeabuz

The investment provides the foundation for YGT to work closely with Zeabuz in the development of autonomous solutions for YGT’s future fleet of electric vessels.

“We recognise the enormous potential of autonomous vessels and see Zeabuz as being well placed to become a leader in this segment. Following this investment, we look forward to collaborating closely with Zeabuz to bring highly innovative autonomous vessel solutions to the Singapore market,” Chief Executive Officer of YGT Eirik Barclay said.

YGT plans to incorporate Zeabuz’s state-of-the-art solutions in its electric vessels and utilises these technologies to boost the safety and efficiency levels of the vessels while reducing the manning required during passenger and cargo transportation.

“We are pleased with YGT onboarding as a partner with Zeabuz to realise waterborne mobility of the future. Our technology enables our customers to offer safer and more efficient operations while enabling entirely new mobility concepts such as urban waterborne mobility with reduced crew,” Zeabuz Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder Erik Dyrkoren commented.

Zeabuz was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s progressive research centre for autonomous marine operations and systems. The company has developed a proprietary autonomy platform that is scalable, certifiable, and suitable for both new designs and retrofit of existing vessels. Its business model is to provide autonomy-as-a-service to operators of smaller vessels.