You can’t wear these when flying to UK offshore rigs

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Offshore clothing policy, created to guide workers flying to offshore rigs in the UK on what to wear under the survival suit while in a helicopter, takes effect today, October 1.

You can't wear these when flying to UK offshore rigs
Crocs are not allowed in the helicopter Image source: Crocs

According to the Step Change in Safety, all workers travelling to installations in UK waters should observe the guidance. Information will be available at UK heliports that support the oil and gas sector.

This means that as of today, if you’re planning an offshore helicopter trip to a rig in the UK North Sea, you will not be allowed to wear: shorts, crocs, sandals, flip flops, high heels, hoodies and skirts.

T-shirts, long sleeve tops, trainers, jumpers, trousers, tracksuit bottoms, jeans, boots, shoes are all allowed.

As the Step Change in Safety explains, hoodies are not allowed as they would interfere with the neck seal of the survival suit. The tight neck and wrists seals are essential in keeping the water out of the suit in the case of the helicopter crash offshore. Polo-necks and jackets with high collars could also pose a risk to the neck seal.

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Offshore Energy Today Staff, October 01, 2014



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