$16 million subsea order lands on Kraken Robotics' table

$16 million subsea order lands on Kraken Robotics’ table

Canada’s Kraken Robotics has received a purchase order for subsea batteries valued at $16 million, with deliveries set to occur this and next year.

With this order, Kraken said it had now received more than $30 million of purchase orders in the last six months for its SeaPower subsea batteries.

The purchase order includes a significant advance payment.

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In April, Kraken reported it had received a $3 million purchase order from an undisclosed client for the delivery of its subsea batteries.

According to the company, the SeaPower 6000-meter-rated batteries are based on the pressure-tolerant gel encapsulation technology for lithium polymer batteries.

This is said to provide an environmentally friendly and superior energy density alternative to the traditional oil-compensated batteries commonly used for deep subsea battery applications.

The hot-swappable batteries are modular and include an integrated battery management system within each battery module.