Waves being made off the coast of Mauritius

Carnegie wave
Photo: Perth Wave Energy Project. Courtesy of Carnegie.

Australian wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy has started its Mauritius wave and micro-grid design project.

The company will receive an AU$800,000 (∼$560,000) grant through a partnership between the Australian and Mauritian Governments for the Mauritius, and the neighboring island of Rodrigues, project. Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is the inventor, owner and developer of the patented CETO wave energy technology that converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and desalinated freshwater.

The total value of the design activities is Au$990,000 ($717,000), and Carnegie will contribute Au$190,000 (∼$130,000) of in-kind and technical support. This year the expectation is to deliver three outcomes throughout 2016, including the creation of renewable energy roadmap for Mauritius, assessment of the Mauritian wave energy resource and the identification of a preferred site for a commercial CETO wave energy project, and the design of a micro-grid powered desalination plant on the Mauritian island of Rodrigues.

Greg Allen, chief operating officer, recently convened the first project steering committee meeting in Mauritius. Allen said: “The integration of a mix of renewable technologies, along with storage and controls, can provide cheaper, clean and secure solutions for island nations. It has been pleasing to see the behind the scenes work associated with developing this initiative transform into an active project.”

He added that Carnegie will now begin the process of collecting and analysing the relevant data that will form input into the renewable energy roadmap: “We will also make preparations for the deployment ofa wave data collection buoy in the coming months.”

Carnegie has three other current projects, including the Australian Perth Project which was the first demonstration of a complete grid-connected CETO system anywhere in the world. This project consists of three units operating together in an array and the only wave project to produce both power and freshwater.

Marine energy will be incorporated into this year’s conference program at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2016 in Amsterdam. Click here for more info https://offshore-energy.biz/

Source: Navingo

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