2016 Budget Proposal Sees 146 Mln Go to Wind Energy

Earlier this week U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz detailed President Barack Obama’s USD 30 billion Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request for the Energy Department.

According to the secretary Moniz, the FY 2016 budget includes USD 645 million for renewables, out of which USD 146 million will be allocated for wind energy.

This fund will also include funding for three advanced offshore wind demonstration projects, planned to be in operation by FY 2017.

Atmosphere to Electrons Initiative focused on optimizing entire wind farms as a system to lower the cost of onshore and offshore wind energy is also covered by the fund.

“The President’s Budget Request reflects the Department’s commitment to promoting an all-of-the-above energy strategy that meets our economic and environmental objectives through innovative science, technology and analysis,” said Secretary Moniz.

The FY 2016 Budget Request represents a nine percent increase above the FY 2015 enacted level, reflecting the importance of the Department’s work enabling the transition to a low-carbon secure energy future.

For the full budget proposal visit the following link.