A2B-online places order for methanol-ready, hybrid boxship pair

UK’s provider of trailer, container and shipping services A2B-online has booked two multi-fuel, methanol-ready hybrid containerships at Turkish Sedef Shipyard.


As informed, the company, which operates seven container vessels, is implementing a fleet revitalisation programme with an eye on the long term. As it replaces its older tonnage, A2B-online has chosen to construct new vessels with a focus on sustainable performance.

According to the firm, the key feature of the new vessels is their optimized efficiency. The increased size of the cargo hold relative to A2B-online’s existing vessels will offer double capacity without the requirement to increase the overall length of the vessel.

Furthermore, the newbuilds will be equipped with the latest technologies to reduce CO2 emissions significantly by up to 95%. The 650 TEU vessels will have a multi-fuel methanol propulsion system, shore power and battery capacity to operate emission-free during port and inland water operations.

The UK company has developed the vessels together with Hamburg-based design and engineering company Technolog Services. The firm provides design, engineering and consultancy services to its clients and has been involved with this project since the outset.

“With our new vessels we will contribute to a more sustainable future and demonstrate that it is possible to combine freight transport and environmentally conscious operations. We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of our customers, suppliers, shareholders and stakeholders for their support and loyalty. Without your trust in us, this achievement would not have been possible,” Dinant de Jong, CEO of A2B-online said.

The vessels are expected to be in service by the end of 2024, operating between Moerdijk in the Netherlands and Immingham, UK.