ABS to Class World’s Largest Type-B Ethane Carriers

Two of the largest very large ethane carriers (VLECs) ever ordered are now under construction to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) class at Jiangnan Shipyard following a successful joint development effort, the classification society said.

ABS granted AIP to Jiangnan for the Type B VLEC in September 2019. Image Courtesy: ABS

The two 99,000cbm dual fuel B-Tank vessels ordered by Pacific Gas are the world’s largest VLEC vessel type.

Designed to be efficient and more environmentally friendly, the vessels feature the Type-B Cargo Containment System “BrilliancE” developed by Jiangnan. The design is the product of deep engagement between engineers at Jiangnan and ABS during the conceptual stage, which resulted in ABS granting approval in principle in September last year.

“We are proud to support Jiangnan in delivering this industry milestone. Only by working closely together have we been able to realize the potential of this design. These vessels are full of innovation that not only helps meet emissions objectives but will contribute to owners’ operational targets as well,” Bill Shi, ABS Vice President, Global Engineering, commented.

“The innovations behind this Type B VLEC design open a new chapter in mass ethane transportation. In this interconnected world trade, Jiangnan and ABS have demonstrated the added value of working in a partnership to bring these largest Type B VLECs to the market,” Keyi Hu, Chief of Corporate Technology, Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co. Ltd., said.

As well as dual-fuel technology, the vessel is equipped with a shaft generator that can use ethane as fuel. The vessel’s hydrodynamic line and internal space has also been comprehensively optimized.