Abu Dhabi Ports Teams Up with Dell on Digitalization Drive

Abu Dhabi Ports has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dell Technologies with the aim of bringing technology-based concepts, solutions and services to the maritime industry.

The MoU with Dell Technologies is designed to provide Abu Dhabi Ports with consulting services and help them leverage high value-added technologies such as blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) to fuel their digital transformation journey.

In addition, this partnership will also see an exchange of industry best practices needed to develop integrated smart ports that can better serve the customers and other stakeholders of Abu Dhabi Ports.

“We are well positioned with end to end solutions to enable Abu Dhabi Ports modernize their IT infrastructure to efficiently operate their traditional applications as well as run their cloud native applications allowing them to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and blockchain to develop new services,” Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey & Africa at Dell Technologies, commented.

Over the past few years, Abu Dhabi Ports has made steps to incorporate innovative digital solutions for trade and port communities. In 2018, it launched Silsal, a blockchain-based solution aimed at streamlining trade flows and supply chains.

“We are excited about the growth and opportunities created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we are constantly striving to deliver products and services that transpose the latest emerging technologies into a maritime context,” Abdullah Al Hameli, Executive Vice President – Corporate Support at Abu Dhabi Ports, said.