AEC Maritime Installs Scrubber on Scandlines’ Ferry

AEC Maritime has installed a closed loop scrubber installation, which has been commissioned and is now fully operational at the Scandlines Ferry M/V Schleswig-Holstein, sailing on the route Puttgarden-Rødby.

AEC Maritime Installs Scrubber on Scandlines' Ferry

“With this technology, ship owners can use high sulphur fuels while meeting the strict requirements set by the IMO MARPOL Annex VI Resolution MEPC 184 (159),” the company said in a press release.

Extensive experience

AEC Maritime Installs Scrubber on Scandlines' Ferry-

The commissioning took place aboard the M/V Schleswig-Holstein of Scandlines, one of Europe’s largest ferry operators. “We are impressed with the AEC approach and the simplicity of their system. Their technology works without filters so there is no polluting packed bed. AEC Maritime has made clever use of their 20 years’ experience within scrubber technology” remarked Fini Alsted Hansen, Technical Superintendent Fleet Management at Scandlines.

“Our experience dates back to 1994 and includes extensive research on how to reduce emissions and odours. We have applied this technology in 2.300 land-based scrubber systems” added Clephas. For the maritime industry, AEC Maritime has a patent pending on the design of this scrubbing technology that is applicable to all type of engines.

Scrubbing advantages

AEC scrubber technology is environmentally friendly. AEC offers closed loop scrubbers, open scrubbers and hybrid scrubbers. All systems are simple to operate. They have low energy consumption, low back pressure and no polluting packed bed. AEC scrubbers can be used on all types of ship engines. Working in close co-operation with their partners (VDL, Wolfard & Wessels and GEA Westfalia Seperators), AEC provides an all-inclusive solution: tailored design, engineering, manufacturing and installation for industrial and marine organisations.

AEC Maritime, March 18, 2014

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