People need new technical skills as sustainability takes over

How a sustainable value chain affects jobs in the sector and what are the must-have skills to realize the energy transition? Listen to what Aegir Marine‘s HR manager Jaap Bernsen and Huisman‘s corporate recruiter Bealien Schot have to say in a chat with our studio host Eva Brouwer.

Courtesy of Navingo

Schot and Bernsen believe that today’s sustainability-driven world is giving internal motivation to young people as they seek to be part of the energy transition, however, this requires new capabilities in order to develop.

“We are in the technical sector and what we see is that as our products are developing, new products are coming, so what we see on a technical side is that people have to develop new technical skills and we are constantly developing our people,” Bernsen stated.

Both Schot and Bernsen agree that a hybrid work system has taken over after the coronavirus pandemic changed how business is done. The interviewees state that this gives new opportunities as people can shift their own time.

In the video below, you can hear more about what is the lasting effect of the pandemic on the workplace, as well as what are the points of attention during the recruitment process in the industry to achieve the perfect match.

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