Afai Southern Educates Workers on Anti-Corruption

Afai Southern Educates Workers on Anti-Corruption

The General Party Branch of Afai Southern shipyard carried out the education month activity, launched this month, with a focus on work without corruption.

The activity combined practical activities of mass line education, focusing on probity talk, work style construction as well as supervision and inspection, aimed at accepting mass’s supervision, thus strengthening work without corruption, and promoting transformation’s development.

The activity plan, devised by the General Party Branch, included scenarios based on the enterprise’s practical work, analyses of official crime cases, taking anti-corruption knowledge tests, a photo exhibition, tutorship report,  educational videos etc.

Through the implementation of the educational program, the aim is to regulate the behavior of staff, create a harmonious and non-corrupt enterprise, providing powerful guarantee for achieving the annual economic target.

Press Release, September 18, 2013