Photo: Courtesy of AFC Energy

AFC Energy and Ricardo team on hydrogen-fueled power and propulsion systems

AFC Energy and Ricardo have joined forces to develop applications for hydrogen-fueled solutions in the areas of marine, rail and stationary power generation.

AFC Energy strategic collaboration with Ricardo
Courtesy of AFC Energy

AFC Energy, a provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, announces the signing of their first strategic engineering collaboration agreement with Ricardo, a global engineering consultancy. The collaboration will develop products and services that will directly support global efforts to decarbonise transport, energy and critical national infrastructure.

The agreement will focus on the joint creation of hydrogen fuel cell products and service offerings, where Ricardo is seen as one of the market leaders.

This will create opportunities for AFC Energy to grow the number of products that utilise the company’s fuel cell and validate its technical and commercial viability in the global market for hydrogen-fuelled power and propulsion systems.

Both companies expect the benefits achieved through the use of low-cost, readily available, and high energy-dense green ammonia fuel (rather than hydrogen gas).

Adam Bond, chief executive of AFC Energy said: “The role for AFC Energy’s alkaline fuel cell in supporting the decarbonisation of e-mobility and off-grid power systems through the use of zero emission fuels such as green ammonia is becoming ever clearer and relevant. We are delighted to be collaborating with one of the world’s leading engineering houses in Ricardo to fully explore new and innovative ways in which our alkaline fuel cell system can be deployed across a range of industries where traditional reliance on combustion of fossil fuels is no longer seen as a viable or acceptable means of remote power generation.”

Mike Bell, group strategy and transformation director at Ricardo commented: “We are very pleased to be collaborating with AFC Energy is exploring new opportunities for fuel cell deployment across sectors such as marine and rail where the alkaline technology has the potential to play a key role decarbonisation and sustainability.”

The companies have jointly submitted proposals to Ricardo clients, addressing client needs pertinent to grid instability and the need for zero-emission alternative power. Further opportunities will be identified in 2021 for joint collaboration across key markets.