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Aker BP returns to Vissim for upgraded oil spill detection solution

Aker BP has teamed up with technology provider Vissim to adopt an upgraded oil spill detection solution across its key offshore installations. 

Ivar Aasen platform; Source: Aker BP

Set to be installed at Aker BP’s major facilities, including Valhall, Ula, Edvard Grieg, Ivar Aasen, Alvheim, and Skarv, this upgraded, radar-based oil spill detection system utilizes upgraded image processing technology that is said to enable much higher sensitivity.

According to Vissim, this enables the solution to detect even smaller oil spills. 

Another feature of this new system is its integration of machine learning to accurately classify detected phenomena. This advancement addresses a longstanding issue in radar-based oil spill detection – the prevalence of false alarms. By significantly reducing these unnecessary alarms, the system promises to relieve stress on operators and enhance response efficiency, according to Vissim.

Håvard Odden, Director of Vissim’s North Sea operations, highlighted the dual benefits of the solution: “The new solution has resulted in higher sensitivity, which means that smaller spills will be detected but less false alarms. It also re-uses hardware that is already installed offshore and onshore, thereby keeping capital investments to a minimum. It is a win-win for everyone involved.”

The two-in-one solution combines vessel tracking and oil spill detection, using the same radar unit. Enhanced sensitivity in image processing is also said to make the system less prone to false alarms triggered by factors like heavy rain or vessel wake.

As previously reported, Aker BP appointed Vissim to develop an expanded digital platform (dashboard) for oil spill monitoring and detection. This solution integrates input from several detection sources, including radars, satellites, sensors on subsea production equipment, and combines them into one, complete and easy-to-understand visual overview.

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The new oil spill detection solution will integrate into Aker BP’s digital monitoring platform, which blends data from various sources including radars, satellites, and subsea production equipment sensors into a coherent visual overview.