Albwady Damen Raises the Bar

Image source: Damen

At the Albwady Damen yard in Sharjah, UAE, two standard cutter suction dredgers CSD500 have been built, the company announced today. 

These two dredgers mark the anniversary of 10-year building Damen cutter suction dredgers at this yard.

“The stationary dredgers, built to dredge at max -14m, are ready and moored along quay – awaiting final testing as our Field Service Engineers do not travel due to the pandemic restrictions. Thus these modular CSDs are almost ready to start on your dredging job,” Damen said.

Currently, Albwady Damen has made a start on another, slightly larger dredger: the CSD650.

This dredger will be available just after summer.

Image source: Damen