Allspeeds Unveils New WebtoolTM RCO54 for Drill Line Maintenance

Allspeeds Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of WebtoolTM products for over 30 years have launched a new heavy duty steel wire rope cutting tool.

Allspeeds Unveils New WebtoolTM RCO54 for Drill Line Maintenance

Working from a 690 bar hydraulic supply, the RCO54 has a cutting capacity of 51mm (2”) diameter steel wire rope with a tensile strength of up to 1960 N/mm2. It can also cut 38mm (1.5”) diameter steel wire rope with a tensile strength of up to 2160 N/mm2.

Allspeeds developed a cutter with these capabilities through research and development at their in house manufacturing and test facility in Lancashire, UK. Specialist material technology and manufacturing techniques are applied in the production of these cutters. The resulting tool is a versatile, market leading product capable of operating in the some of the toughest working environments on earth including offshore, subsea applications and nuclear decommissioning.

Some of the main design features of the RCO54 include of an open sided mouth, intended to allow ease of location for the material to be cut, and a “blade on blade” cutting action.

The two main benefits of this “blade on blade” action are that lower forces are required to perform a cut and reduced deformation of item being cut. Less deformation means that the material remains closer to its original profile than if cut with a regular “blade on anvil” tool leading one company in particular to utilise the RCO54 on their offshore drill line rig.

It is a regular requirement to cut the ends of steel wire rope drill lines for maintenance in the field. In the past this job has been a laborious process, however, the RCO54 provides a quick and easy solution to this problem by performing reliable cuts on the line. The use of this tool exerts marginal deformation to the drill line itself resulting in re-useable cut ends which easily fit back into a spelter socket or dog clamp.

This is just one example of WebtoolTM cutters being used in harsh working environments. Allspeeds Ltd are also capable of developing bespoke WebtoolTM cutting and lifting solutions and have a proven track record of delivering equipment that provides a key role in some challenging offshore and nuclear decommissioning projects around the world.

Press Release, March 14, 2014


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