American LNG delays start of Titusville facility

American LNG Marketing, part of theĀ Fortress Investment Group recently informed the US Department of Energy that its Titusville LNG facility would start operations in 2017.

According to the company’s filing, development activities for the Titusville facility are ongoing, meaning the initial commercial operations start date of April 2016 has ben delayed.

American LNG added it is still in negotiations with potential counterparties for sales of exported LNG.

Department of Energy authorized American LNG to export up to 600,000 metric tons of LNG, equivalent to 30.2 Bcf/y of natural gas, for a 20-year period from its facility in Titusville, Florida.

The facility is planned to have a daily production capacity of one million gallons or 82.6 mcf/d and a storage capacity of five million gallons of LNG.

The chilled fuel produced at the plant would be loaded into ISO containers that will subsequently be delivered to customers on container ships orĀ roll-on/roll-off ocean-going carriers from Port Canaveral or other ports in Florida capable of handling such ISO containers

As American LNG states, the likely destination of its LNG exports are the Caribbean and Central American nations.


LNG World News Staff