AML Moving Vessel Profiler for GEOMAR’s MOSES Project

GEOMAR has acquired a moving vessel profiler (MVP) from AML Oceanographic as part of the Helmholtz Association funded observing infrastructure “Modular Observation Solutions for Earth Systems” (MOSES).

MOSES is comprised of flexible and mobile observation modules which are designed to investigate the interactions of short-term events and long-term trends across Earth compartments.

The first MOSES experiment where we plan to use the MVP will be a joint ship/airplane survey of ocean eddies north of the Cape Verde Islands, in the eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean,” explained Johannes Karstensen (senior research scientist, Physical Oceanography) of GEOMAR.

Ocean eddies are whirling water masses, similar to whirls seen in pools and bathtubs, but covering an area of approximately 20.000 km2 in the open ocean. Karstensen continued, “We are very excited to use the MVP in this study to acquire high resolution surveys of the temperature and salinity structure with the research vessel in operation 24/7.

The MVP30-350 will deploy an AML CTD along with a Turner Designs Cyclops-7F Chlorophyll Fluorometer while the vessel is underway to gather the required data, which will be used to better understand the ocean carbon uptake in upwelling areas.

This contract was secured through AML’s local agent, Ing.-Buero G. Pinnow IGP of Hamburg.

Installation and commissioning of the MVP30-350 system aboard FS METEOR took place in November 2019.