Amsterdam to Host NGV Conference

Amsterdam to Host NGV Conference

November 25-26, Amsterdam will host the Natural Gas Vehicle Conference and Exhibition, organised by FC Business Intelligence and endorsed by NGVA Europe. The conference will address key issues with regard to the development of a profitable and sustainable market for heavy duty natural gas vehicles.

The topics addressed within the conference include:

  • Strong Fleet Presence: Hear from and meet fleet customers looking to incorporate natural gas into their operations
  • OEM Perspective: Vital gas engine technology updates and outlook from leading vehicle manufacturers
  • Navigate Regulations: Unlock a regulatory framework for gas fuelled heavy duty trucking in Europe
  • Infrastructure Update: Drive infrastructure development for a network of natural gas fuel distribution across the EU
  • Build Partnerships: Develop partnerships with Gas Producers, Utilities, Infrastructure Developers, Fuel Distributors, OEM’s and Fleet Customers to ensure your NGV project is successful
  • Over 40 of Europe’s major trucking fleets already confirmed to attend – Click here to see a sample list of companies & job titles.

Why is there such a big opportunity for LNG for heavy duty trucking in Europe right now?

The Natural Gas Vehicle Industry in Europe has grown substantially in the last five years. Gas Suppliers, Natural Gas Utilities and Fleet Operators alike are investing millions of Euros to develop a profitable and sustainable NGV infrastructure in Europe. The market has evolved from a centric Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) industry – led by leader’s Germany and Italy, to a European wide shift in interest to the opportunities presented by Liquefied Natural Gas for Heavy Duty Trucking. New Euro VI regulations have meant that HGVs have had to lower their emissions, resulting in more and more Fleet Owners considering the benefits of LNG and dual fuel.

Support at the European Commission has never been stronger, with clear policy initiatives, such as the Clean Air for Transport Package, leading a 2013 strategy for increasing NGV refuelling infrastructure across Europe. Government financed projects such as Blue Corridors Network, are also in full swing with key OEMs, Iveco, Scania, Volvo – as well as Leading suppliers such as Shell and Gazprom taking part.

Evidently the opportunity to build a refuelling network across Europe to supply LNG and CNG to Fleet’s will mean millions of Euro’s worth of new business. To put it simply, the market for LNG has the potential to skyrocket, mirroring other nations such as China and the United States.

What challenges still need to be addressed?

There are two hurdles still hampering the industry’s growth: there is still a clear lack of infrastructure to support Fleet Companies who want to make the switch. Secondly, financial support and policy from the government is still in early development. So the need to set a business model and future strategy in order to be competitive in this market, has never been more paramount.

This is why FC Business Intelligence have organised the 2nd Annual Natural Gas Vehicle Conference and Exhibition – to bring together all stakeholders across the supply chain to develop the NGV market. It is also to show fleet customers how to successfully integrate Natural Gas Fuel into their operations. Download the brochure today to ensure your own competitiveness in the market.

If you want to successfully tap into the NGV market or learn how to integrate Natural Gas into your fleet, then you need to be in Amsterdam, the Netherlands this November 25-26th. The event is tailor made to ensure that Gas Suppliers, Infrastructure Developers, Utilities have the chance to form new business relationships with OEM’s and fleet customers.

Over the course of the 2 days you will have the chance to hear from major companies who are already profitable expanding their reach of the market place, and they will show you how to do exactly the same.

This year FC Business Intelligence have dedicated resource to ensure that new Fleet Customers will be in strong presence. The event’s agenda has been tailor made to appeal to the interests of Fleets by arranging a refuelling station site visit, as well as securing the opportunity to test drive LNG trucks.

LNG World News Staff, August 30, 2013