Another company withdraws from Wave Energy Prize

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Enorasy Labs has pulled out of US Department of Energy’s Wave Energy Prize challenge and shifted its focus on developing turbine technology.

The company has announced that it has decided to focus its efforts on developing its Gravity Control Turbine, based on DARLEM control, and on energy storage system.

Ahead of quitting the Wave Energy Prize challenge, the company was working on developing 1:50 scale model of its Eccentrically Rotating Mass in a Buoy wave energy converter, as well as conducting numerical analysis for the full scale device.

Enorasy Labs stated: “Enorasy Labs was selected to showcase its technologies during the Defense Innovation Summit in Austin, Texas, on December 2, 2015. Unfortunately, our small startup does not yet have all the resources required to keep up with all innovation demonstration opportunities, simultaneously. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the judges and all people in the organizations that the DoE has assigned to run this unique competition.”

Earlier this month, another wave energy developer, The Atlantic Wavepower Partnership, quit the Wave Energy Prize.

The wave energy challenge was launched by the US Department of Energy to encourage the development of wave energy conversion (WEC) devices that will achieve the DOE’s goal of doubling energy capture, while reducing the cost of wave energy.

Image: Wave Energy Prize

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