Argeo puts newly obtained Hugin 6000 AUV to work

Marine survey contractor Argeo is ready to start commercial work with the newly purchased Hugin 6000 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) from Kongsberg Maritime.

Hugin AUV. Source: Argeo

The company will start commercial operations under the recently secured 12-month contract with a total net value of $4.5 million.

As informed, the system is en route to the project location with the commencement of operations later in September.

“We are pleased to confirm that the project is going according to plan and brings this hi-specification into commercial work for the customer”, said Argeo’s CEO, Trond Crantz.

The Hugin 6000 is a state-of-the-art ultra-deepwater autonomous vehicle with all the necessary payload systems to make it one of the most advanced high-capacity survey machines in the world.”

The complete AUV Hugin 6000 AUV system includes a full launch and recovery system (LARS) container and an OPS container system.

All data collected is processed onboard the AUV using onboard-post processing and mosaicking software to allow quick turnaround during missions and improved decision-making for the customer.

The AUV enables deep-sea surveys to the benefit of marine industries including installations & infrastructure, offshore wind, oil & gas and deep-sea minerals.

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