Argeo's SeaRaptor AUV sails through ultra-deep waters

Argeo’s SeaRaptor AUV sails through ultra-deep waters

Argeo’s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) SeaRaptor Bravo has finished ultra deepwater survey work, thus completing necessary qualification requirements for the technology.


Due to other project requirements for SeaRaptor Alpha, SeaRaptor Bravo completed the project, for which commencement was postponed relating to vessel availability.

According to Argeo, in addition to acquiring high quality data in a complex area, the project also completed necessary qualification requirements for this new technology and both SeaRaptors, making them available for projects worldwide and in all markets.

During the mission, the SeaRaptor acquired sonar, environmental and photogrammetry data at depths down to 5,000 meters.

“The project proved the SeaRaptor product near the very limits of its build specification and made use of all the high-quality sensors integrated into the vehicle,” said Argeo CEO, Trond Crantz.

“We are very excited that our SeaRaptors are now qualified for tasks covering 90% of the Earth’s oceans with the most advanced sensors systems available for Argeo’s customers.”

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Argeo recently launched its first uncrewed, remotely supervised survey and inspection vehicle Argus for offshore and coastal applications.

The uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) will perform mapping and inspection services using robotics and autonomous ocean space technology for offshore and energy projects in water depths up to 200 metres.

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