ASL in Alaska Ice Studies

ASL Environmental Sciences has a contract for a 3-year metocean-ice study program in Cook Inlet, Alaska for the proposed Alaska LNG Project terminal site.

This turnkey metocean program includes program management, a PSO (protected species observer), vessel, HSE lead, data processing and analysis, and engineering inputs.

During the summer and fall of 2014 ASL deployed 3 Ice Profiler™/ADCP moorings close to Nikiski, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula.

Each mooring consisted of an Ice Profiler, ADCP, CT, and OBS Turbidity and was mounted in ASL’s own designed bottom frame or a taut-line mooring.

An additional 8 ADCP moorings have been deployed through the northern Cook Inlet June through October 2014. Sediment transport and sand waves will be studied in this highly dynamic area (6 knot currents).

In later October the 8 moorings were replaced with 4 custom-built heavy duty frames each containing an Ice Profiler, ADCP, CT and OBS (see Figure 1). ASL will return to the sites biannually to download data and service the moorings.

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