Atargis to Boost Its Team for CycWEC Project

Colorado-based clean tech company Atargis Energy is expanding its technical team by hiring a CFD Specialist and an Ocean Engineer.

This week the US Department of Energy (DoE) approved funding for a three-year program to demonstrate the capabilities of the 2.5 MW Cycloidal Wave Energy Converter under development by Atargis Energy.

This wave energy converter design uses hydrofoils to convert wave energy to shaft power, which is converted to electricity by a generator and then supplied to the power grid.

The work will include numerical simulations as well as large scale wave tank testing.

To achieve the project goals, Atargis is looking to expand its technical team with the above mentioned positions.

The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) specialist performs feedback controlled numerical simulations using Atargis proprietary simulation software, in order to optimize the performance of the CycWEC. This work involves close collaboration with the controls and structural engineers.

The Naval Architect or Ocean Engineer performs structural design and analysis of the CycWEC hardware using off-the-shelve design and simulation software. This work involves close collaboration with the controls and fluid dynamic simulation engineers.

Detailed job descriptions can be found at this LINK.