Atlantis hails Wuhan-built tidal power project in China

Simec Atlantis through its partnership with ITPEnergised has worked with The China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and China Three Gorges (CTG) to develop CTG’s first SG500kW tidal stream turbine.

CTG’s first SG500kW tidal stream turbine

The structure stands between the islands of Putuoshan and Huludao in the Zhoushan archipelago in China in the last week.

The turbine has a rotor diameter of 18 meters, built at CSIC facility in Wuhan.

Atlantis also highlighted this project as all the more impressive given the extraordinary circumstances of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

China is actively seeking out further renewable investment opportunities.

Studies estimate that tidal stream energy in China could supply more than 8.2GW to the country’s grid.

Atlantis’s MeyGen project has provided the operational experience and performance data to export its expertise and technology to the world.

Over the past two years, Atlantis has expanded its global portfolio of tidal projects; from Normandy, France to Indonesia.

More recently, Atlantis struck a deal to supply tidal generation equipment and construction services for Japan‘s tidal demo project.

Tim Cornelius, chief executive of Simec Atlantis Energy, said:

“The fast execution, from concept design to installation, represents a phenomenal feat of engineering that bodes well for a rapid future roll-out of tidal power in China, which in turn will have material cost reduction implications globally.

“MeyGen has demonstrated the true potential of tidal energy and has de-risked the market to the extent that we are now exporting knowhow and equipment internationally, with China the latest market to open in Asia.”