Australia gets its 'largest' subsea robotics center

Australia gets its ‘largest’ subsea robotics center

Advanced Navigation has launched what is said to be the largest subsea robotics center in Australia, set to accelerate the production of the company’s underwater technologies.

The Hydrus AUV. Source: Advanced Navigation

The high-tech manufacturing and R&D center is located on a 5.5-acre site in Balcatta, Western Australia, and includes full testing facilities with several marine simulation environments.

It is split between development and manufacturing for high-volume production and continued research and expansion of subsea navigation and robotics technologies.

This includes the growth of the company’s underwater artificial intelligence division, as well as accelerating the production of the Hydrus autonomous underwater robot.

“The new subsea centre will help Advanced Navigation meet the growing demand for high-grade underwater data, bringing new and existing solutions to market far more quickly and efficiently. With the goal to grow our subsea team threefold, we are confident this investment will deepen and advance our understanding of the oceans,” said Xavier Orr, CEO and Co-Founder of Advanced Navigation.

The subsea center is said to be one of several investments made by Advanced Navigation as it continues to expand its global reach and capabilities.

The company has established headquarters in Sydney with research centers throughout Australia. It is supported by research institutions including the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, and the philanthropic organization Minderoo.