Australia: QGC Ensures Funding for Western Downs Housing Trust

QGC Ensures Funding for Western Downs Housing Trust

QGC Pty Limited, developer of the Queensland Curtis LNG Project, has provided funding to a new housing trust established by Western Downs Regional Council to ease accommodation pressures from resource development.

As part of the QCLNG Integrated Housing Strategy, QGC has given A$5.7 million to the Western Downs Housing Trust to support the development of social and affordable housing for low to moderate-income and indigenous families.

The housing strategy also seeks to mitigate accommodation impacts associated with construction of the QCLNG Project by building up to 56 houses across the Western Downs in consultation with the council.

The strategy, approved by the Queensland Coordinator-General in August 2011, was developed in discussions with councils, government agencies, consultative committees and other LNG proponents to assess community needs.

QGC Vice President Sustainability Brett Smith said QGC provided A$200,000 in 2011 for development of the Western Downs Affordable Housing Strategy to guide development of affordable housing.

“This new investment will enable the Western Downs Housing Trust to begin planning for delivery of affordable housing in the Western Downs region,” Mr Smith said.

“We will continue to work in partnership with the council and other key stakeholders to finalise the Western Downs Housing Trust model and help to address issues surrounding housing and liveability in the region.

“Funding for our housing strategy is made under our A$150 million Social Impact Management Plan that is ensuring communities benefit from our presence while minimising potential impacts from our operations.”

LNG World News Staff, July 31, 2012