Authorities Discuss Renewable Energy Development in the Channel Islands

Authorities Discuss Renewable Energy Development in the Channels Islands, USA

The authorities of Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey and Sark will discuss plans to develop renewable energy in the Channel Islands, at the second political summit to be held on 18 March.

Also, one of the topics of the discussion will be the cooperation between the authorities to benefit from future opportunities, BBC informs.

Channel Islands’ Marine Renewable Energy Forum provides opportunities to jointly solve and overcome the challenges ahead, stated Deputy Al Brouard from Alderney.

Paul Arditti, Chairman of the Policy Committee for Alderney was quoted by Isle News as saying:

“The States of Alderney has been represented on and contributing to this group at officer level since its inception and I am delighted to say that the newly formed States of Alderney has decided that it makes sense for us to engage at political level as well. It is common interests which create and underpin the sound and reliable market place needed by the commercial interests who are exploiting Alderney’s tidal resources. This project is critically important for Alderney and its economy and as we get closer to seeing the first tidal turbines in Alderney’s waters we need to work together to ensure we meet the expectations of the investors who are making renewable energy a reality.”


Subsea World News Staff, March 18, 2013