AutoNaut to Launch New Communications Hub USV

AutoNaut will launch its new 3.5 Comms Hub product, designed for deployment as a long-duration surface gateway, at Ocean Business 2019.  

Photo: AutoNaut

Flexibility in sensor fit enables tasks including data harvesting, precision positioning and communications from and to subsea assets, the company noted.

Pete Bromley, MD of AutoNaut, said: “Our new 3.5 Comms Hub is the result of lessons learned from missions with our 5 meter boats. We are excited to share this new capability at Ocean Business.”

Phil Johnston, heading up Business Development at AutoNaut, added: “Being able to launch and recover is the key asset of the new 3.5. This, in addition, to the multi-week endurance capability. We’re very excited to now be pushing forward with commercial applications, such as data communications and positioning tasks.”

The AutoNaut can complete long endurance missions without the need for support vessel.

AutoNaut’s keel-mounted foils, positioned at the fore and aft, propel the vessel forward without the need for carbon fuels. The foils are articulated for consistent performance in all wave directions and a range of sea-states.