AXYS Brings WindSentinel to Southampton Ocean Event

AXYS Technologies has brought its WindSentinel buoy to Ocean Business, held from April 14-16 at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton, UK.

The company said that it wants to give a chance to those attending the event to see the buoy in real life.

Primarily used for precise wind resource assessment data, the buoy also serves as a floating laboratory to measure virtually anything in its surrounding environment.

The buoy is stationed on the pontoon of NOC and the dock is open so visitors can attend one of the scheduled tours every day at 1:00pm to learn more.

The WindSentinel buoy is transmitting met ocean data in real-time throughout the show, which can be viewed at AXYS stand G9 in the new AXYS-APS geo-portal.

Image: AXYS